Wine Dinner Hosted by Jeremy Goldstein For Supporting The Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein, Jim Finkel, and Omar Khan have hosted a lavish wine dinner last May 22, 2018, to support the Fountain House, an organization which helps men and women recovering from mental illnesses.

The dinner consists of the finest vintages of Chateau Latour wine and some of the best food ever cooked by the best chefs in the world.

This was a worthy dinner to host for Goldstein and his partners as mental illness is a huge crisis that had affected millions of people in the entire world as of now. There’s an estimated amount of 450 million people that are currently struggling with mental illness.

How Fountain House Helped People

Fountain House is one of the organizations that got alarmed with the increasing rate of people suffering from mental illness. They were more alarmed when they observed the personal lives of mental illness patients. Most of them are having a hard time with their family relationships. Some are having a hard time coming up with the community, finding a job and even attending school.  Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Some even fell to heartbreaking moments such as failure of relationships, marriage, and finances. There were unlucky ones who even forgot to take care of themselves, and some even committed suicide. These tragedies are all because of mental illness like depression and anxiety issues.

Fountain House noticed these problems for seven decades already. The company was founded I 1944 by a group of six people who were actually mental illness patients as well. They decided to build the organization as a way to show patients that they are not alone in this world when struggling with these conditions. Follow Jeremy on Twitter

Their reputation led them to purchase and own a building in New York 4 years after the organization was found. The fountain on the building’s garden was the reason why the name Fountain House was made.

They actually have a very simple mission where they provide opportunities for mental illness patients to live a normal life. They provide encouragement while assisting them as a community when finding the right job, or if a patient wishes to learn in life or in academics in a more stable manner.

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the members of Fountain House and has helped using an innovative method of initiative in assisting the patients so then they can become active members of the community.

The result of their mental health programs, research-based innovative programs for recovery, inspirational lessons and teaching programs, and advocacy for severe mental illnesses caused great results to society. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Their programs were able to gain their own employment rate of 42% as they were able to encourage more people to go to work, giving opportunities for people to work in more than 40 companies in New York City.

This is definitely a reason to support the organization with the help of a little bit of fun dinner to ease the stress. It’s all thanks to the selfless act of Jeremy Goldstein, leading him to celebrate a nice dinner with those who worked to make the world a better place.

About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The company is a law firm that provides legal advises to CEOs, managers, executive departments, compensation committees and large businesses. Goldstein is always New York-based, which is the reason why he found Fountain House and decided to help there as a partner.

Mr. Goldstein is a renown personality in the legal department as he already assisted in numerous big-time business transactions over the past years such as deals with AT&T and Goldman Sachs.