Freedom Checks: Real Returns and Real Money

It always helps to talk to an expert when you’re new to investing. That way you have an idea of all of the investment opportunities on the market and even hear about what’s called Freedom checks. It is a new investment opportunity that is providing a much larger return than investors could have ever expected. Though the investing industry can be a bit of a minefield with sketchy programs and financial scams, Freedom checks offers a illegitimate take when it comes to the oil and gas industry. Investors have hopped on this opportunity to take advantage of revenues made in the natural resource industry. Freedom checks are distributed directly to investors, tax free, from businesses that store, process, produce, and transport oil and gas.

They’ve made their way on the market from a man called Matt Badiali who took the time to learn about the opportunity and share it with those who would listen. His has a background as a financial expert and a degree in geology. He has traveled the world talking to many different business leaders who run some of the biggest energy suppliers in the world. Matt Badiali studied their operations and how they go about conducting business to learn more about the industry. At this time, he began to see the investment opportunity. The legislation that was set up through Congress back in 1981 that brought about Master Limited Partnerships. These MLPs allowed business partnerships to form and gave investors tax advantages. 568 businesses have jumped on board and shelled out checks to their many shareholders.

Matt Badiali has shown in his ads while holding a check that these checks are very real. As with most investment opportunities, these rare checks require an initial investment to get started. Badiali has informed many that Freedom checks are a very lucrative opportunity. It’s simply a capital gain from a basic investment. Instead of returns derived from standard stock options, Freedom checks are created directly from Master Limited Partnerships. Once they are set up and known as an MLPs, investors get to take advantage of the tax benefits under the IRS code 26-F.

The RealReal Deal in Online Luxury Consignment

The RealReal is an app and website where users can buy and sell luxury fashion. Not a unique concept you say? While this is somewhat true, what makes The RealReal different from other online consignment stores is that they truly live up to their name. What makes them unique to their competitors is their stringent authentication process. Their employees are rigorously trained in the expertise of spotting fake luxury items. This concept has become so successful that The RealReal opened their first brick-and-mortar store in 2017 in New York City, as well as a Los Angeles store in July of 2018. Their Instagram gives small peaks of their new store, which rids you of any doubt that they may be similar to any other luxury consignment store. Unlike the crowded and unorganized consignment stores we have grown familiar with, The RealReal’s store is meticulously organized and stylish, not baring much difference from an actual designer store. And in case you were skeptical of how recent their inventory is, their Instagram also boasts pictures of the latest items on trend. One of their most recent photos shows the wrist of a woman wearing a Gucci t-shirt as well as three Cartier bracelets, captioned “Third Cartier’s the charm.” Their Instagram also shows someone showing off their Balenciaga sneakers paired with Gucci crew socks. They also posted a photo of a Gucci one-piece bathing suit lying on a pool chair advertising their new store location in Los Angeles. It is clear that while The RealReal may not be the first in the online consignment marketplace, they are creating a high standard yet to exist among other luxury consignment websites.

Eric Lefkofsky is Driven Forward By a Desire to Succeed

Eric Lefkofksy is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who also co-founded Tempus, which is a tech company that is looking to change the way that cancer is treated through hard-data. He starts most of his days around 5:00 AM and is already ready to get started at the office by 6:00 AM. Since he is a very busy guy, he usually eats his lunch on-the-go but accepts that this is the price he has to pay for his success. He loves to spend time with his family and does his best to focus, exclusively, on them when he is finished with work. He has found this challenging, and a lot of the reason for that is because he is in charge of over 11,000 employees that work all over the world.

Eric Lefkofsky has found it impossible to stay out of the press but works to keep his life as private as he can. He feels that the media mischaracterized a lot about him in his earlier days and that a lot of things written about him in the late 1990s were inaccurate and just not true. He has spoken about how a lot of the leaders of tech companies from that time period had no idea a tech crash was about to happen in the early 2000s. While Andrew Mason and himself don’t really communicate too much anymore, he continues to stay in touch with his college buddy Brad Keywell who has been a part of more than one business with Eric Lefkofksy.

When asked, during an interview, if he has any plans of slowing down, Eric Lefkofksy commented about his desire to do more traveling and relax more often. On the other hand, he likes to stay busy and to get things done, and as a success-driven man, he never wants to give up. He has made it a point to not walk away from projects when the going gets tough and has found that it is best if he doesn’t get over-emotional about anything in the world of business. The one thing he does get emotional about is his family, and he loves it when he gets done with his work for the day and go home to see them.

Rocketship Education: The Continued Scrutiny of a Successful Institution

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the merits of enrolling your child in the Rocketship Education charter school system. Rocketship Education has been in existence for about 12 years since it was created in 2006. NPR recently went after the school citing various problems with the programming and competitive atmosphere.

Unfortunately, for many parents that currently benefit from the Rocketship Education system, this is a very inaccurate picture of the life that their children experience in these institutions. In fact, many of the allegations that have been published in the NPR article seem to be purposefully skewed to me the writer’s personal motives.

Washington Monthly posts in their piece that much of the information featured in the NPR article may be one-sided. There are parents all over the country that feel as though the company has been misrepresented. The article points out that NPR piece does not possess the necessary balance required in a review article such as this. It seems that much of the article is centered around the challenges that Rocketship Education may face in the education environment instead of the triumph that they truly provide their students every single day.

Many of the students that are taken in at Rocketship Education institutions are considered to be low-income individuals or those who do not speak English as their first language. These individuals need a leg up in their educational journey. The main focus of the school is to prepare students for a college education. Rocketship Education is doing something that many institutions should be emulating by helping children of lower socioeconomic standing or differing cultural groups even the playing field. The fact that the NPR article chose to question much of the protocol that is being done at the institution means that they have sought to specifically target Rocketship Education. The charter school system operates within the established standards and practices of charter schools across the country, but they seem to suffer more scrutiny than others. This scrutiny seems imbalanced with the genuine goals that they are trying to reach for the student populations that they serve.

Drew Madden: Leading The Way In Healthcare Technology

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve technologically and in other ways, it has become important to stay ahead of these changes, and to also look ahead to new and innovative solutions to current problems. This is especially true regarding the safety of patient and consumer information, of which more and more is online every day. As news breaks of corporate mergers between pharmacy chain CVS and healthcare insurance company Aetna, the security of data is an ever-increasing concern. In addition to this, Amazon is preparing to enter the pharmaceutical business by gaining licenses in various states across the nation to sell pharmaceutical-related health products, putting the company one step closer to selling prescription drugs. With numerous challenges such as these on the horizon, companies are turning to healthcare IT experts like Drew Madden to find solutions.

Whether as the head of Nordic Consulting Partners or one of the founders of healthcare IT company Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden has been at the forefront of the healthcare technology wave for many years. Using his extensive background in software development, system integration, and industrial engineering and design, Drew Madden has gained a reputation for being an IT problem-solver. By working with companies and facilities of all sizes, he has been able to not only design and implement complex electronic medical records systems for his company’s clients, but also go one step further and help them learn how system integration plays a key role in the security of online data.

As he has done over the years, Drew has achieved excellent results in virtually all of his endeavors. Whether taking NCP from $1 million in annual revenues to over $130 million, increasing employment in NCP from 10 employees to more than 700, or quickly establishing Evergreen Healthcare Partners as an industry leader in healthcare IT technology, Drew Madden has relied on passion, vision, and his desire to help companies become more efficient to get him where he is today. While realizing many more changes lie ahead for the healthcare industry, Drew Madden is no doubt already planning out a winning strategy.

Talos Energy: Playing iit Safe is not in the Cards

Tim Duncan could be described as a businessman, entrepreneur, and a maverick. If this were the old west, he would be the gunslinger at the poker table raising the bet, but Duncan is much more than a maverick, he’s a respected businessman and CEO of Talos Energy, an oil drilling company that specializes in offshore exploration and drilling. Talos Energy produces up to 48,000 barrels of oil per day, but in order to meet that amount of production, Duncan couldn’t afford to play it safe or walk the beaten path.In an effort to take Talos energy Public and grow his company without the high cost of a public offering, Duncan orchestrated a merger between his privately held company and Stone Energy.

It was a huge undertaking, and the fact that Stone energy was bankrupt did nothing to stop Duncan from completing the $2.5 billion merger of Talos Energy and Stone Energy. After completion of the merger in May, Duncan’s company will have an annual revenue of $900 million with the majority of the company’s assets located in the Gulf Of Mexico. It’s a risky endeavor to drill offshore and even more risky to drill in waters not owned by the United States, but risks and tough situations are nothing new to Tim Duncan and Talos.One of the company’s biggest assets is a drilling platform located 156 miles south of New Orleans.

In 2005, Hurricane Rita capsized the platform sending it drifting 60 miles into the gulf. Talos cleaned up the mess, and the platform now produces 16,000 barrels of oil per day. The company expects that output to grow after making new discoveries 3,000 feet deeper than the old reservoirs.Talos Energy is led by a unique management team that not only have the skills and knowledge for offshore exploration and drilling, they have the guts to go where most men fear to tread. Talos uses the latest cutting-edge technology along with advanced techniques for offshore exploration and drilling that have given the company a reputation for success.

Igor Cornelsen: Thriving in Investment Banking Beyond Borders

He is an independent ma who avoids living by other people’s opinion, despite their affluence in the society. Igor Cornelsen has lived with this principle, which has sure paid off. He has made a name for himself in the finance and investment domain. Igor is a Brazilian who started with a humble beginning and eventually became successful. When studying in college, Igor began with an engineering course but later understood what he wanted. He then changed to an economics course.

After completing studies, Igor began his career with a position at an investment bank. He may not have finished his engineering course, but it came in handy. Igor was among the few who accurately calculated interest rate without computers or calculators. This skill built a reputation for him and gave him opportunities. He got a job in Rio as an investment banker. Igor worked hard until he was CEO of Multibanco, his employer.

Not long after becoming CEO, Multibanco was acquired by an American bank. Igor Left for another job. Igor appreciates the opportunity he got because it changed his life and perspective. A branch of London Merchant Bank hired Igor. After a specified duration, he relocated to London to take a job with another bank. He joined the board of directors and excelled in this position. Igor Cornelsen has made Brazilians proud for his achievements.

After working for many years in all these successful companies, Igor was ready to start his investment organization. Igor is passionate about what he does and still works as an investment manager. Mainly, Igor is focused on running his investment fund. He enjoys helping people to reach their financial goals by offering practical counsel. He is also mentoring people to take after his work practices and lifestyle. Working with Igor Cornelsen is exciting and a significant opportunity to grow.

How Peter Briger Works to Be a Better Principal of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger always knew he had to work hard to make sure he could do things the right way for the company he worked with. He knew that Fortress Investment Group needed someone who knew how to handle different opportunities and that was an important part of the way he did things. He focused on helping others and always giving back to the community so he could make a difference. It was his idea to make Fortress Investment Group better and he maintained a lot of hope for the future with the company. Since he saw Fortress Investment Group as an investment in himself, he knew there were things he’d have to do if he wanted to keep showing people how they could handle different situations. Between the way Peter Briger did business and the way the company worked, they became a huge success together.

Peter Briger continues focusing on how he can help Fortress Investment Group with the opportunities they have for their clients. He knows it takes a lot of work to get to that point and he also knows the company will not succeed without his help. As long as he can give back to the company, he can continue doing things the right way. It makes sense for him to keep showing others there is a chance of making more money with their investments. He always wanted to see success in different areas and that’s something that allowed him to keep pushing toward success.

While Peter Briger spends a lot of time working, he also spends a lot of time giving back to those who need his help. He felt there were opportunities for success for those who were in need of his help and he used that to ensure he could keep helping others with all their issues. Briger felt he had the key to success and used that in every situation. As a philanthropist, he knew it took a lot of hard work to get where he was at and that was something he felt good about. He knew helping others was the best way to make his own life better. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Wine Dinner Hosted by Jeremy Goldstein For Supporting The Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein, Jim Finkel, and Omar Khan have hosted a lavish wine dinner last May 22, 2018, to support the Fountain House, an organization which helps men and women recovering from mental illnesses.

The dinner consists of the finest vintages of Chateau Latour wine and some of the best food ever cooked by the best chefs in the world.

This was a worthy dinner to host for Goldstein and his partners as mental illness is a huge crisis that had affected millions of people in the entire world as of now. There’s an estimated amount of 450 million people that are currently struggling with mental illness.

How Fountain House Helped People

Fountain House is one of the organizations that got alarmed with the increasing rate of people suffering from mental illness. They were more alarmed when they observed the personal lives of mental illness patients. Most of them are having a hard time with their family relationships. Some are having a hard time coming up with the community, finding a job and even attending school.  Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Some even fell to heartbreaking moments such as failure of relationships, marriage, and finances. There were unlucky ones who even forgot to take care of themselves, and some even committed suicide. These tragedies are all because of mental illness like depression and anxiety issues.

Fountain House noticed these problems for seven decades already. The company was founded I 1944 by a group of six people who were actually mental illness patients as well. They decided to build the organization as a way to show patients that they are not alone in this world when struggling with these conditions. Follow Jeremy on Twitter

Their reputation led them to purchase and own a building in New York 4 years after the organization was found. The fountain on the building’s garden was the reason why the name Fountain House was made.

They actually have a very simple mission where they provide opportunities for mental illness patients to live a normal life. They provide encouragement while assisting them as a community when finding the right job, or if a patient wishes to learn in life or in academics in a more stable manner.

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the members of Fountain House and has helped using an innovative method of initiative in assisting the patients so then they can become active members of the community.

The result of their mental health programs, research-based innovative programs for recovery, inspirational lessons and teaching programs, and advocacy for severe mental illnesses caused great results to society. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Their programs were able to gain their own employment rate of 42% as they were able to encourage more people to go to work, giving opportunities for people to work in more than 40 companies in New York City.

This is definitely a reason to support the organization with the help of a little bit of fun dinner to ease the stress. It’s all thanks to the selfless act of Jeremy Goldstein, leading him to celebrate a nice dinner with those who worked to make the world a better place.

About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The company is a law firm that provides legal advises to CEOs, managers, executive departments, compensation committees and large businesses. Goldstein is always New York-based, which is the reason why he found Fountain House and decided to help there as a partner.

Mr. Goldstein is a renown personality in the legal department as he already assisted in numerous big-time business transactions over the past years such as deals with AT&T and Goldman Sachs.

Matt Badiali: Information Freedom Check’s and Work Life and Education

Matt Badiali serves the Newsletter of Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior analyst. He also is a Geologist and Analyst at Stanberry Research. In being there, he built up a powerful program of investment aiding in assisting U.S investors to increase wealth. There’s investment options in the millions that are available. There are also many investments with claim’s to give out extraordinary returns and have something they keep invisible. There is something of Matt Badiali has called “Freedom Checks” which holds a law located in a tax code law that let’s investors receive great returns and an extra subsidy from the government of the United States. Also, with the new Tax Plan of “Freedom Checks” taxpayers can expect a great amount of $36.4 billion in newer payouts starting quickly as August. Currently, there’s thousands who are getting lined up for these checks.

Read this article at Banyan Hill.

The companies Matt Badiali aids his clients in investing gives them high returns because they are not disciplined to taxation. On top of that investors get checks from government agencies regularly in return for productive use of their capital. With that being done investors can go through retirement sooner and have enjoyment in success by getting into the profitable opportunity.

In order for a return, Freedom Checks would need to have an investment. These investments are not like schemes where people get rich immediately. Rather Freedom Checks are authorized securities that can be purchased prior a return is gotten. However, even when money’s invested, there’s above-average returns that are above average for a lot of years to come. The funds that are put into the companies that are partnered with Badali’s are utilized to do things like market products, give money to workers, and purchase equipment.

For his education Matt Badiali went to Penn State from 1987-1992 to get a B.S in Geological in Earth Science and Geoscience. He then from 1998 attended Florida Atlantic University to get his masters in Geology and Earth Science. Then he went to the University of North Carolina from 2000-2005 for an All But Dissertation Ph.D in sedimentary Geology. Check: