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Looking to host a stress-free party? There are steps you can take to planning an event that won’t drive you crazy. Here they are:


Create a theme and get organized. If you have a basic plan of what you are doing and you are organized, then the whole process will be easier and more enjoyable. Creating a theme makes parties fun and imaginative. It also makes it easier than just getting a bunch of decorations together. It’s like having a map.


Send out invites and don’t forget the favors. Sending out invites it a fun and formal way of letting people know you are having a party. It also reminds them to clear their schedule so they will show up to your event. Leave a lasting impression by sending them off with a party favor. They are more likely to remember your party because of this and it’s a nice way of thanking them for coming.


Are there kids coming? Keep the children entertained with a kids’ table.


Is there going to be alcohol served? Offer a self-serve bar. This way your guests can get what they want. Step it up and create a specialty concoction. It can also go with your awesome theme.


Keep your appetizers and settings simple. Less headache and it won’t distract from purpose of the event in the first place.


Stay relaxed. As a host or hostess, staying relaxed it key. Your guests will have a more enjoyable experience if you are calm and collected. Good Luck!


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Natural Backdrops for Wedding Photos

While you might have to drive a little bit to get to the most scenic spots for wedding photos in the United States, you will be so glad you did when you see the amazing results.

Niagara Falls, New York

You can almost be guaranteed a rainbow to put in your wedding photo when you visit Niagara Falls State Park as they appear frequently near the waterfall. Take fun couple shots as you ride through Lockport Cave on the underground river. Have the photographer take lovely night pictures at the illuminated Horseshoe Falls.

Yellowstone National Park

Regardless of the time of year, fun wedding photos can be taken in Yellowstone National Park. In the spring, stroll along the Yellowstone River Trail or the Lava Creek Trail for beautiful wildflower pictures.

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How Sam Tabar Mixed Profit With Philanthropy

From Law To Fund Management

Originally, Sam Tabar attended law school with the intentions of becoming a lawyer. After receiving his degree and working for various firms specializing in business, Tabar set his sights on the world of fund management. Here, Tabar stood out as a particular wise investor and his management advice was taken to heart by his clients. While other investors focused on receiving profits alone, he set out with the goal of making investments towards a better future. He wanted to prove that profits and progress are complimentary.

Progress Through Investment

A major focus of Tabar’s career is investing in companies with a progressive goal in mind. A great example of this is the company Shethinx. Shethinx uses feminine hygiene products to promote the empowerment of women across the world. Solutions like these are found only in the free market because they rely on the willing choices of individuals. When people are empowered through capitalism, they naturally tend to air on the side of social progress. The success of Tabar’s socially conscious investments made him a natural fit for Full Cycle, a company specializing in alternative energy companies.

Taking Things Full Cycle

Recently, Full Cycle Fund named Sam Tabar as its new Chief Officer of Operations. The Full Cycle Fund provides companies specializing in new approaches to waste management and alternative energy with the funding they need to thrive. As the oil and coal industry shrink, many investors believe other, cleaner forms of energy will naturally take their place.  He has already made a fortune helping to advance companies that empower people, and there is noone who understands this better than him.

Flavio Maluf on Small Business Investment Increasing Demand

Figures from the Credit Protection Service and the National Confederation of Shopkeepers investment propensity Indicator conducted in July, 2016 showed small and medium businesses intending to make new investments. The small and medium-sized retailers and service providers in Brazil showed an intention to increase their investments. The figure had grown from 21.37 points in June to 24.20 points in July. Flavio Maluf, a businessman from Brazil, however, noted that this number had not yet overtaken the highest score that had been obtained in May 2015 (25.22) and still way off the 32.06 that was the top of the series historically.

Economic Instability

Given the percentages, Flavio Maluf pointed out that over 72% of the micro and small Brazilian businessmen involved in the services and retail sector had in July bore no pretension of making investments in the coming three months. They pointed to the economic instability prevailing then as the main reason influencing their decisions. About 29.0% saw no need to invest then but another 12.3% had already made their investments months earlier. The only percentage that showed an interest in making investments three months after July stood at 20.9%.

Reasons for Investing

Flavio considered the reasons why most of these businessmen desired to invest and only 26.9% wanted to expand or reform their businesses while 25.7% of them wanted to expand their inventories. Afterwards there was a sudden desire to invest in advertising and communication with a 23.4% increase. Over 72% of all the investors who intended to make investments wanted to leverage their sales while 8.4% desired to adapt their businesses to technology. On matters credit, 88% of the investors did not want to take it in the coming three months and only 5.6% percent considered it. This was due to the high interest rates charged on credit and 48.5% of them stated they would use their own resources.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio is a mechanical engineer by professional as well as a renowned Brazilian businessman. He graduated from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) with his mechanical engineering bachelor’s degree. Since April 29, 2005, Mr. Maluf has been the president and CEO of his family business, Eucatex company. He is also the leader of GrandFood Group that owns the Premier Pet and Golden feed brands.