UKV PLC Wine Consultants

Wine enthusiasts across the United Kingdom can rejoice in the exceptional service that UKV PLC provides their wine acquiring customers. UKV PLC is an independent company that does not operate under any one particular brand or vineyard. With a extensive network of traders, brokers and merchants, UKV consultants have the best chance of finding a particularly sought after wine or champagne.

Investing in wine is often times considered a reliable constant. The value of wine does not decrease which makes it an investment you can actually hold in your hands. UKV PLC is able to acquire wines for a variety of purposes. Whether a wine expert is hoping to simply build up their own personal cellar for gradual consumption or if an investor is hoping to acquire a collection that will sell well as it ages, UKV PLC consultants can put their expertise to work.

UKV PLC Wine consultants are highly flexible when meeting with their clients. Buyers, Sellers and Traders can choose to either meet at one of the many UKV offices or clients can meet at various public locations. For those who require a more impersonal face to face meeting, consultants can also arrange in home meetings.

UKV PLC offers Brokerage, Delivery, Valuations and Storage solutions for wine collectors. Those who do not have private in home cellars need not worry, UKV PLC can arrange storage at the London City Bond. LCB was established in 1870 and is a leading privately owned tax warehouse. Wines are stored at LCB in a temperature and climate controlled environment that is also free of light and vibration. When stored in proper conditions, wine will mature to their maximum profitability. UKV PLC professional consultants provide solutions and smooth transactions for all of their wine enthusiast customers.

Julia Jackson Promotes Sonoma Cabernet

Julia Jackson is the daughter of Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson and scion of the Jackson Family Wines empire. Currently, she is dedicated to her role as the spokesperson for the family company and the nonprofit organization that she has founded, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. Julia has lived her entire life enmeshed in the world of winemaking and is proud to carry on the Jackson family tradition. Following her time at Scripps College and Stanford Business School, she has returned to the family fold and thrived in her various roles within the family company, including Kendall-Jackson Wines and Cambria Estates.


It is well known that Sonoma is a robust producer of fantastic wines comprised of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. But it is into this environment that Julia Jackson would like to promote one more varietal, that of the Cabernet grape. She believes that the area provides the perfect conditions for growing this grape and she is enthusiastic about adding this varietal to the Jackson Family Wines lineup. Vérité La Joie is one such wine that is comprised of a heavy amount of Cabernet in a Bourdeaux blend that has been very well received in the wine world.

Jackson Family Wines encompass the globe and the enthusiasm with which Julia has embraced her role as a company spokesperson has proved infectious. The family company continues to grow and expand in many areas of the globe. Their model embraces sustainability and the family believes that continuing the business through many more generations is key. Julia Jackson is proud to be a part of her family’s business and is excited to see what the future holds for Jackson Family Wines, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment and Vérité La Joie. This family business shows that success is not limited to only multinational giant corporations.