How Easy Is It To Move From Grass To Grace: OSI Industries Can Tell

OSI Industries is a company that has grown from a humble beginning, gone through tremendous changes and challenges but eventually became one of the largest food providers in the world. The today’s multinational food providers started as a local butcher shop that was owned by the Otto family. Otto Kolschowsky was one of the German immigrants who had settled in Chicago, Illinois in the 1900s and after two years of his stay in the city, he thought of starting a small business. His business was a small retail meat market and butchery whereby he targeted to serve the German immigrants community that seemed to enlarge by day in Illinois. After ten years of successful operation of the business, he was able to convert the business into a wholesale and also expand it in other suburbs in Chicago. By the year 1998, the business name was rebranded to Otto & Sons.

When Ray Kroc was a partner at McDonald’s restaurant, he went into an agreement with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons whereby they were supposed to supply fresh ground beef as their first supplier. This agreement was a huge step towards the growth and expansion of OSI Industries. McDonald’s was growing rapidly, and Otto & Sons rode along with this growth because they were the primary suppliers of the restaurant. Otto & Sons thrived well becoming a successful local business that was later changed to OSI Group after Otto and few other partners retired leaving new management. OSI Industries has over 20,000 employees working in the company’s facilities all over the world. Currently, the company has about 65 branches situated in 17 countries. OSI Group is still growing today because the management wants to be consistent with technological advancements among other changes in the industry.

One major factor that has contributed to OSI’s tremendous success is their ability to implement innovative solutions in their operations. The company’s main focus is to provide each customer with what they need at any given time and also be consistent. OSI Industries has continued to evolve in the food processing industry by embracing technology, which has made operations easier, cheaper and led to an improved relationship between them and their partners such as McDonald’s. For instance, the company started using liquid nitrogen to improve the food freezing process, and this has led to a reduction of costs and creation of opportunities for product expansion in the industry. OSI Group is one company that has proven that it is easy to rise from grass to grace if only there is a dedication and consistent commitment.