The RealReal Deal in Online Luxury Consignment

The RealReal is an app and website where users can buy and sell luxury fashion. Not a unique concept you say? While this is somewhat true, what makes The RealReal different from other online consignment stores is that they truly live up to their name. What makes them unique to their competitors is their stringent authentication process. Their employees are rigorously trained in the expertise of spotting fake luxury items. This concept has become so successful that The RealReal opened their first brick-and-mortar store in 2017 in New York City, as well as a Los Angeles store in July of 2018. Their Instagram gives small peaks of their new store, which rids you of any doubt that they may be similar to any other luxury consignment store. Unlike the crowded and unorganized consignment stores we have grown familiar with, The RealReal’s store is meticulously organized and stylish, not baring much difference from an actual designer store. And in case you were skeptical of how recent their inventory is, their Instagram also boasts pictures of the latest items on trend. One of their most recent photos shows the wrist of a woman wearing a Gucci t-shirt as well as three Cartier bracelets, captioned “Third Cartier’s the charm.” Their Instagram also shows someone showing off their Balenciaga sneakers paired with Gucci crew socks. They also posted a photo of a Gucci one-piece bathing suit lying on a pool chair advertising their new store location in Los Angeles. It is clear that while The RealReal may not be the first in the online consignment marketplace, they are creating a high standard yet to exist among other luxury consignment websites.