Drew Madden: Leading The Way In Healthcare Technology

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve technologically and in other ways, it has become important to stay ahead of these changes, and to also look ahead to new and innovative solutions to current problems. This is especially true regarding the safety of patient and consumer information, of which more and more is online every day. As news breaks of corporate mergers between pharmacy chain CVS and healthcare insurance company Aetna, the security of data is an ever-increasing concern. In addition to this, Amazon is preparing to enter the pharmaceutical business by gaining licenses in various states across the nation to sell pharmaceutical-related health products, putting the company one step closer to selling prescription drugs. With numerous challenges such as these on the horizon, companies are turning to healthcare IT experts like Drew Madden to find solutions.

Whether as the head of Nordic Consulting Partners or one of the founders of healthcare IT company Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden has been at the forefront of the healthcare technology wave for many years. Using his extensive background in software development, system integration, and industrial engineering and design, Drew Madden has gained a reputation for being an IT problem-solver. By working with companies and facilities of all sizes, he has been able to not only design and implement complex electronic medical records systems for his company’s clients, but also go one step further and help them learn how system integration plays a key role in the security of online data.

As he has done over the years, Drew has achieved excellent results in virtually all of his endeavors. Whether taking NCP from $1 million in annual revenues to over $130 million, increasing employment in NCP from 10 employees to more than 700, or quickly establishing Evergreen Healthcare Partners as an industry leader in healthcare IT technology, Drew Madden has relied on passion, vision, and his desire to help companies become more efficient to get him where he is today. While realizing many more changes lie ahead for the healthcare industry, Drew Madden is no doubt already planning out a winning strategy.