Betsy DeVos On The Importance Of Education Options

As the newest Secretary of Education for the United States government, Betsy DeVos is in a truly unique position. After having spent her entire life championing conservative education reform, DeVos is in a place and time where she can actually bring her dreams into reality. While Betsy DeVos has since gotten national attention for being handpicked by the Trump Administration, she is still a relative unknown to people outside of the gates of Washington D.C.’s inner political world. Let’s take some time in order to learn why DeVos believes in conservative education reform and what that specifically might entail in the future.


Before we get started on Betsy DeVos’s role as an education reformer, we should probably learn a little bit more about her as a person. Betsy DeVos was born into a family that believed in the core tenets of faith, family and conservative values. From an early age, Betsy DeVos wanted to go to school so that she could join the family tradition of operating as a reformer, as someone who could make and render real positive changes in the world. After graduating from Calvin College, Betsy DeVos would become incredibly active as a member of the Michigan Republican Committee. In fact, DeVos has chaired six different committees while establishing several of her own foundations which include the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA. The common thread through all of her activities is her desire to bring education reform to the masses.


Conservative education reform is now all about the concept known as school choice, or educational choice. Betsy DeVos first became aware of this type of reform when she studied Milton Friedman’s writing on, ‘The Role of Government in Education’. This was the first thoroughly written out piece of scholarly writing that pointed to the powerful impact that school choice could have on a society. DeVos took the writing to heart and ran with it, making it her personal goal to spread school choice far and wide.


While Friedman’s paper was initially written 50 years ago, DeVos has helped to keep it alive by spreading the concept to different states throughout the country. Right now 17 different states are participating in private-choice programs. Of these 17 states, there are more than 250,000 students now attending these school choice facilities. Keep in mind that Betsy DeVos generated this impressive about of interest all without ever having served in office.


Now as the head of the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos has the Presidential mandate behind her. Betsy DeVos has the chance, and the obligation, to push school choice on a national level. If President Trump and Washington Republicans continue to make these huge gains, Betsy DeVos might be able to realize her life’s goal of making school choice part of the national conversation.


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Infinity Group Australian Reviews That Have Enhanced its Growth

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Charlamagne Tha God Listens To New Album


The Breakfast Club has become a well-known radio show. The cohosts of this show have become one of the biggest names associated with the hip hop culture. The show talks all things related to music, fashion, pop culture and celebrity. So, when Lil Wayne dropped his album, the one that has been in the works for the past decade, The Breakfast Club quickly discussed their likes and dislikes of the album.

Charlemagne Tha God is known for being very blunt and to the point. The opinionated cohost of The Breakfast Club wasn’t at first too happy about the album. Many anticipated this and many love it. But as for Charlemagne Tha God he questions if this was the best Lil Wayne could offer. The lyrics seemed a bit made up. The songs did not reveal his musical abilities. Charlemagne Tha God noticed that immediately. But to give the rapper a fair shot, Charlemagne Tha God listened to the album over and over again. After a total of five times, the radio presenter was neutral about how he felt about Lil Wayne’s album. Tha Carter V. was not the best of his albums according to the radio presenter. But he feels as though Lil Wayne has already become such a legend in music that this album has no influence over his career. See This Article for more information.

Charlemagne is known from many things like television, radio and movies. He has created a successful career working in media and writing books. His life now mirrors the complete office of what he life once mirrored during his days as a young boy. He was raised by his parents in a small South Carolina town. His childhood was rough. To make ends meet, he sold drugs. This life led run ins with the law. Charlamagne Tha God began to create a track history of arrests for himself. But getting an internship at a radio station changed his life. It led to him being monitored by radio legend Wendy Williams. All of this laid the foundation for him to be a successful host of radio and television.


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