Igor Cornelsen: Thriving in Investment Banking Beyond Borders

He is an independent ma who avoids living by other people’s opinion, despite their affluence in the society. Igor Cornelsen has lived with this principle, which has sure paid off. He has made a name for himself in the finance and investment domain. Igor is a Brazilian who started with a humble beginning and eventually became successful. When studying in college, Igor began with an engineering course but later understood what he wanted. He then changed to an economics course.

After completing studies, Igor began his career with a position at an investment bank. He may not have finished his engineering course, but it came in handy. Igor was among the few who accurately calculated interest rate without computers or calculators. This skill built a reputation for him and gave him opportunities. He got a job in Rio as an investment banker. Igor worked hard until he was CEO of Multibanco, his employer.

Not long after becoming CEO, Multibanco was acquired by an American bank. Igor Left for another job. Igor appreciates the opportunity he got because it changed his life and perspective. A branch of London Merchant Bank hired Igor. After a specified duration, he relocated to London to take a job with another bank. He joined the board of directors and excelled in this position. Igor Cornelsen has made Brazilians proud for his achievements.

After working for many years in all these successful companies, Igor was ready to start his investment organization. Igor is passionate about what he does and still works as an investment manager. Mainly, Igor is focused on running his investment fund. He enjoys helping people to reach their financial goals by offering practical counsel. He is also mentoring people to take after his work practices and lifestyle. Working with Igor Cornelsen is exciting and a significant opportunity to grow.