The Advancements Scott Ricklage Has Made In the Chemistry World

Making a name for oneself is not easy as some people think it is. It demands a lot from an individual especially in terms of keeping one’s eyes focused on what he saw. Scott Rocklage is among those who have successfully made a name for themselves in the world of corporate business. It was the firm foundation Scott received from MIT that has made him the great man he is today. He went to MIT College where he gained the chemistry knowledge he utilizes today. This college prepared him to be the professional he has become in the chemistry field. At the same time, his interpersonal skills were properly shaped in MIT College.




Today, Scott has become a competent partner offering managerial services at 5 AM Ventures. Although MIT College did a lot to make Scott who he is today, he also acknowledges that he would not have become it without his wife. It wasn’t easy when Scott was jumpstarting his career but his dear wife stood by his side, and offered all the support he needed at such a humble moment. After just working for a few months at 5 AM Ventures, he became a top leader. He became one of the greatest and successful people in the business due to his rich background in the healthcare sector and chemistry.




Scott has also been in the management department for about 30 years and the experience he has acquired is great. The fast-track development that 5 AM Ventures has attained is all due to the stewardship Scott has shown. Through his exceptional leadership, the company has been able to have a successful authorization of certain drugs such as Omniscan, Cubicin, and Teslascan. These milestones have made Scott to be a goal-oriented leader in the business world. He doesn’t stop until he has achieved the goals he has set. Learn more:




Without Scott, Expansion Therapeutics would have made the great advancements it has made today. It has been on the front line looking for viable solutions for genetic disorders. Scott believes that disorders such as myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1) are easy to manage and treat. RNAs are molecules that usually come from DNA and they are usually converted into proteins. When the toxic levels in the cells increase during RNA production, DM1 occurs.