Rodrigo Terpins, the Brazilian Rally Beast!

Rodrigo Terpins is the leading Brazillian Rally driver. Since he joined the Racing Industry, Rodrigo has never failed to post an impressive performance. His great skills and the mastery gained over the many years he has been in the game can never disappoint him. The forty-four years old professional rally driver is the principal mentor to his younger brother, Terpins who joined racing in 2002 as a cyclist before changing his mind, later on, to do what his elder brother does. The brothers have set the unprecedented record, and they continue to build their reputation as the superstars in the racing industry.

Bull Sertoes Rally Team

It was the primary effort of Michael and Rodrigo Terpins that saw to the success in the formation of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Alongside other team members, they came up with the plan to form this team so that the aspiring rally drivers could have access to the opportunity of nurturing their skills and talents. Since the formation of Bull Sertoes Rally team, Rodrigo Terpins and other team members have been busy mentoring the junior racers who are looking to become like them shortly. For four seasons, the two brothers have been racing in this team and have won some titles. They manacles of amazing performance have cut them great names that the rest can only envy.

Together, the Rodrigo Terpins brothers have been racing for four seasons now on board T-Rex which is specifically manufactured and designed for them by MEM motorist organization. Being that Rodrigo has another great passion which is the T1 prototype, he has been able to retain his great name with it; with it, he has won some competitions in the Brazilian National Rally. Rodrigo and his brother, Michael took part in the 22nd Rally Sertoes and they completed successfully. They managed to compete over a distance of 2,600 km which is meant to not only test the skills and knowledge in racing but the agility and the ability to be dynamic among the racers. The team of Rodrigo and his brother finished third, and they were ranked 8th out the overall number of competitors which was 42. Check out his website