Betsy DeVos On The Importance Of Education Options

As the newest Secretary of Education for the United States government, Betsy DeVos is in a truly unique position. After having spent her entire life championing conservative education reform, DeVos is in a place and time where she can actually bring her dreams into reality. While Betsy DeVos has since gotten national attention for being handpicked by the Trump Administration, she is still a relative unknown to people outside of the gates of Washington D.C.’s inner political world. Let’s take some time in order to learn why DeVos believes in conservative education reform and what that specifically might entail in the future.


Before we get started on Betsy DeVos’s role as an education reformer, we should probably learn a little bit more about her as a person. Betsy DeVos was born into a family that believed in the core tenets of faith, family and conservative values. From an early age, Betsy DeVos wanted to go to school so that she could join the family tradition of operating as a reformer, as someone who could make and render real positive changes in the world. After graduating from Calvin College, Betsy DeVos would become incredibly active as a member of the Michigan Republican Committee. In fact, DeVos has chaired six different committees while establishing several of her own foundations which include the Foundation for Excellence in Education and Kids Hope USA. The common thread through all of her activities is her desire to bring education reform to the masses.


Conservative education reform is now all about the concept known as school choice, or educational choice. Betsy DeVos first became aware of this type of reform when she studied Milton Friedman’s writing on, ‘The Role of Government in Education’. This was the first thoroughly written out piece of scholarly writing that pointed to the powerful impact that school choice could have on a society. DeVos took the writing to heart and ran with it, making it her personal goal to spread school choice far and wide.


While Friedman’s paper was initially written 50 years ago, DeVos has helped to keep it alive by spreading the concept to different states throughout the country. Right now 17 different states are participating in private-choice programs. Of these 17 states, there are more than 250,000 students now attending these school choice facilities. Keep in mind that Betsy DeVos generated this impressive about of interest all without ever having served in office.


Now as the head of the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos has the Presidential mandate behind her. Betsy DeVos has the chance, and the obligation, to push school choice on a national level. If President Trump and Washington Republicans continue to make these huge gains, Betsy DeVos might be able to realize her life’s goal of making school choice part of the national conversation.


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Infinity Group Australian Reviews That Have Enhanced its Growth

Infinity Group Australia is one of the leading mortgage brokerage firms in Australia and has been able to offer a wide range of loans services to the people of Australia. They have been helping them reduce their debts as well as securing their future through creating of wealth. Their efforts towards changing the lives of the people of Australia have not gone unnoticed. The company has been significantly awarded for their commitment to offering sustainable services to their clients. It has been recognized at the Australian mortgage awards and has been nominated in various categories.


The desire of owning a house is everyone’s dream and has also been known to be one of the notable achievements of any individual in the city of Australia and any other part of the entire divide. The benefits of having a house are one thing people have been taking very seriously. Individuals have managed to go the extra mile in achieving their objectives. They have always focused towards helping their clients access loans with ease as well as assisting them to develop proper repayment plans.


Australia is dominated by so many financial institutions whereby the majority of them are focused towards empowering their clients. Others are focused towards helping various people improve their situations. There is another group of institutional investors who have been focusing on the exploitation of their clients and have very unfriendly methods of survival. These companies do charge exorbitant fees, and they even leave their clients in stressful situations than they were before. The company, Infinity Group Australia came in to bridge that gap. They also work towards helping their clients identify the banks with the most friendly terms.


The company has a team of committed financial experts who are working around the clock towards enhancing quicker service delivery. They have been on the frontline changing the way people repay their loans. They are a solution to all financial service needs and also providing solutions to all mortgages. Over the past few years, the company has managed to scoop various awards because of their excellent brokerage services and thus improving the Infinity Group Australia Reviews.


In 2018, the company has received two different awards on two different fronts. One of the recognition of the IQPC Customer Experience sector. It emerged as the best customer service experience company. They are committed to success and also excellent service delivery. They also have a team that handles each customer, and this has enabled them to retain their clientele for an extended period. Learn more:

Charlamagne Tha God Listens To New Album


The Breakfast Club has become a well-known radio show. The cohosts of this show have become one of the biggest names associated with the hip hop culture. The show talks all things related to music, fashion, pop culture and celebrity. So, when Lil Wayne dropped his album, the one that has been in the works for the past decade, The Breakfast Club quickly discussed their likes and dislikes of the album.

Charlemagne Tha God is known for being very blunt and to the point. The opinionated cohost of The Breakfast Club wasn’t at first too happy about the album. Many anticipated this and many love it. But as for Charlemagne Tha God he questions if this was the best Lil Wayne could offer. The lyrics seemed a bit made up. The songs did not reveal his musical abilities. Charlemagne Tha God noticed that immediately. But to give the rapper a fair shot, Charlemagne Tha God listened to the album over and over again. After a total of five times, the radio presenter was neutral about how he felt about Lil Wayne’s album. Tha Carter V. was not the best of his albums according to the radio presenter. But he feels as though Lil Wayne has already become such a legend in music that this album has no influence over his career. See This Article for more information.

Charlemagne is known from many things like television, radio and movies. He has created a successful career working in media and writing books. His life now mirrors the complete office of what he life once mirrored during his days as a young boy. He was raised by his parents in a small South Carolina town. His childhood was rough. To make ends meet, he sold drugs. This life led run ins with the law. Charlamagne Tha God began to create a track history of arrests for himself. But getting an internship at a radio station changed his life. It led to him being monitored by radio legend Wendy Williams. All of this laid the foundation for him to be a successful host of radio and television.


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How Easy Is It To Move From Grass To Grace: OSI Industries Can Tell

OSI Industries is a company that has grown from a humble beginning, gone through tremendous changes and challenges but eventually became one of the largest food providers in the world. The today’s multinational food providers started as a local butcher shop that was owned by the Otto family. Otto Kolschowsky was one of the German immigrants who had settled in Chicago, Illinois in the 1900s and after two years of his stay in the city, he thought of starting a small business. His business was a small retail meat market and butchery whereby he targeted to serve the German immigrants community that seemed to enlarge by day in Illinois. After ten years of successful operation of the business, he was able to convert the business into a wholesale and also expand it in other suburbs in Chicago. By the year 1998, the business name was rebranded to Otto & Sons.

When Ray Kroc was a partner at McDonald’s restaurant, he went into an agreement with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons whereby they were supposed to supply fresh ground beef as their first supplier. This agreement was a huge step towards the growth and expansion of OSI Industries. McDonald’s was growing rapidly, and Otto & Sons rode along with this growth because they were the primary suppliers of the restaurant. Otto & Sons thrived well becoming a successful local business that was later changed to OSI Group after Otto and few other partners retired leaving new management. OSI Industries has over 20,000 employees working in the company’s facilities all over the world. Currently, the company has about 65 branches situated in 17 countries. OSI Group is still growing today because the management wants to be consistent with technological advancements among other changes in the industry.

One major factor that has contributed to OSI’s tremendous success is their ability to implement innovative solutions in their operations. The company’s main focus is to provide each customer with what they need at any given time and also be consistent. OSI Industries has continued to evolve in the food processing industry by embracing technology, which has made operations easier, cheaper and led to an improved relationship between them and their partners such as McDonald’s. For instance, the company started using liquid nitrogen to improve the food freezing process, and this has led to a reduction of costs and creation of opportunities for product expansion in the industry. OSI Group is one company that has proven that it is easy to rise from grass to grace if only there is a dedication and consistent commitment.

Learn about the life of a successful geologist, Matt Badiali

Investors across the world know Matt Badiali for his sound knowledge in various fields. Apart from knowing geology, he is also a financial expert who has been giving other investors great insights. He is also a financial analyst who is experienced, and many can rely on his services. When it comes to strategy in creating wealth, Matt is also an expert. He uses his knowledge and skills to acquire wealth and invest in the right manner. His primary focus has been an investment in the natural resources, and he has been successful in his ventures.

Matt Badiali believes investors can make profits by investing in natural resources because it is a lucrative sector. The best part about the industry is that there are large quantities of natural resources like oil and gas and they have not been exploited. If these resources are utilized in the right way, there are chances of making huge profits according to the investment guru. The success of Matt Badiali has not been a coincidence. He had to work hard to gain the knowledge, and that is why he attended respected institutions in the United States to advance the understanding he has used to increase the experience he has today.

At the University Matt Badiali studied earth sciences and even advanced his education. When he finished school, he became a geologist working in Miami, but soon he also became a financial expert. As a financial expert and geologist, he has been giving other investors the right advice. Apart from being a geologist, he is also a lecturer at the University of North Carolina. He has also been serving at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the platform with the aim of educating others, and since he became an editor and a writer, he has helped many to achieve success. His contributions are based on the experience he has acquired in the many years of working. As a contributor, he strives to educate others and help them to make the right decisions when it comes to investing. He is excited to give others different advice that you may not find anywhere. Many have appreciated the unique work he is doing today because they believe it has been helpful to those who have been following and implementing.

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Stream Energy: An Energy Company That Is Committed to Giving Back to the Community

Corporate responsibility is a crucial component when it comes to making the world a better place. Corporate responsibility ensures that there is sustainable development. This sustainable development helps in reducing the ever-increasing gap between the rich and the poor. Profits obtained from the corporates are used to improve the lives of the less privileged in the society. Stream Energy has just been doing that in Dallas, Texas and beyond.

Stream Energy is a company that has been providing energy, protective, and wireless services to residential and commercial consumers. Under the leadership of its founders, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshakji, the company has been experiencing exponential growth. The company has diversified into other ventures shifting from its earlier role of just providing energy. In line with this expansion and diversification, the company has been able to raise up to $8 million in revenue.

Based on these positive results, Stream Energy sets aside part of the earnings to help the less fortunate in the society. The corporate leadership and its employees are on the driving seat on encouraging giving. The company has been fostering the culture that it is in giving that we receive. True to this philosophy, when a company gives out, it benefits by gaining goodwill from the public while the recipients benefit from the resources.

One of the issues that is at the heart of Stream Energy philanthropic activities is the homeless children. For the last 13 years, that the company has been in existence, Stream has been committed to improving the welfare of these children. In conjunction with Dallas-based Hope Supply Co., Stream has been sponsoring over 1000 children to attend the annual Splash for Hope event, in local water parks. In these local events, they donate foods and supplies.

Stream Energy has also been teaming up with re-known humanitarian organizations. In 2016, they teamed up with the Salvation Army and helped victims of a tornado that had hit North Texas. The management and the employees of Stream were among the first responders. They made grass root mobilizations to raise funds. Stream has also cultivated a strong relationship with renown organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

The Celebrated Media Personality, Charlamagne Tha God, Shares The Story Behind His Achievements


Lenard Larry McKelvey who goes by the stage name; Charlamagne tha God is a celebrated American radio presenter, author as well as TV personality. He hosts a popular radio show, The Breakfast Club, alongside Angela and DJ Envy. He has become an inspiration to many owing to the success he has achieved. In a discussion, he talked about his book, Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me, with Bill Rhoden.


The book reveals the little known side of Charlamagne tha God. He discusses the reasons that informed his decision to visit a therapist as well as his anxiety and stress issues. The title of the book was inspired by Mobb Deep’s song “Shook Ones” and “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” by Geto Boys.


The “Shook Ones” song talks about not being shaken by anything. However, he has had it rough because of fear issues. Charlamagne said that fear had informed his decisions and he was as not as strong as he thought he was. The fear, he claimed, was as a result of racism among other fights he faced.


The Geto Boys’ song, “Mind Playing Tricks on Me”, highlights anxiety. According to Lenard Larry, he struggled with anxiety issues derived from the way he was treated as a black-American. The issues piled up enough to make him visit a therapist. In addition, he needed to reconcile with his past. Charlamagne Tha God had done some things in the past that he is not proud of.


Currently, he has found himself and he has two daughters. He revealed that issues surrounding women concerns him while talking about #MeToo movement. He wants to contribute to making the world a better place for women at large.


Although Charlamagne Tha God has changed from selling crack in Carolina to become a celebrated celebrity, it concerns him that people still judge him basing on his past. He emphasized that he is a different and better person.


Charlamagne tha God who is also a director and actor talked about the exchange between the president and LeBron James. He went ahead to say that he won’t watch the NFL. His decision was based on what he termed as violation of the rights of the blacks and brown people by the police. Read This Article to learn more about Charlamagne’s books.


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Paul Mampilly Is Helping New Investors Through His Own Expertise

Paul Mampilly has been featured all over the media for business and finances due to his many accomplishments over the years as well as his contributions to various companies. Paul Mampilly has worked as a hedge fund investor and manager for many years at some of the biggest companies in the field today, including Deutsche, Kinetics International, and ING. This makes Paul Mampilly one of the leading experts in the field today that many investors are looking out for in order to get the latest advice and strategies for their own careers.

Paul has won various competitions in the past when it came to investing, including the accolade he won from Barron’s Magazine, which features him as one of the world’s best when it came to Wall Street. During a challenge, Paul was able to grow an investment portfolio with a value of 50 million to a whopping 88 million dollars in a very short period of time. What’s more impressive about this accomplishment is the fact that Paul did it during the financial crisis of 2008. Although he has been tremendously successful investing in wall street over the years, Paul gave it up and retired when he turned 42 years old.

Nevertheless, Banyan Hill sought him out for his expertise thinking that he would be an excellent addition to their team to bring in new readers from around the country. They were certainly right since Paul Mampilly has managed to bring in more than 90 thousand readers for his personal newsletter known as Profits Unlimited. Paul is an expert advisor, helping the majority of his readers find reasonable gains in their investing careers by focusing on low-risk investments as well as safe stocks that will continue to go up in value over time. Paul may be retired from wall street, but he will dedicate several more years to his position at Banyan Hill to help grow the company as well as help the aspiring entrepreneur.

Paul Mampilly Helping Hard Working Americans Gain Financial Security

Trusted Guide

It is not an easy task to accomplish to establish financial security without a background in finances or have never worked on Wall Street. Most hard working individuals today who spend most of their time earning their daily bread do not have the time to spend learning how to invest in stocks and that is the reason why people have traditionally found a money manager, but that is changing today. Thanks to Wall Street accomplished “Gurus” like Paul Mampilly who after decades of successful deals on Wall Street have turned to help less fortunate individuals learn the laws do successful investing; these accomplished “Gurus” make it easier to find the right help in finding one’s way thru the myriad of Wall Street jargon and lifestyles.

Paul Mampilly, who is the chief editor for Banyan Publishing, dedicates his career to helping the working class investor with the tips and suggestions that make it easier to gain the right knowledge at the right time. Paul Mampilly doesn’t choose for these hard-working people who want to put their money to work, but he allows them to gain trust in a system that recently increased terrible press from being more self-serving than serving others who needed financial guidance. Paul Mampilly writes and contributes to several newsletters at Banyan Publishing, like Profits Unlimited, and he helps tens of thousands of individuals who wouldn’t have a chance without a trusted and accomplished guide on the other side of the page. Hard-working investors sign-up to his newsletters because he has shown repeatedly and consistently he can provide healthy returns by following his advice as well as his tips in his newsletters.

Paul Mampilly

He began his financial career on Wall Street and after two decades of exceptional economic accomplishments dedicated his career to helping hard-working individuals gain access to his knowledge by sharing it thru his newsletters at Banyan Publishing. He has helped those who follow his tips increase returns on their investment from 14-35%. He is called “guru” because he has an exceptional knowledge of the stock market and how it works and is a safe guide.

The Recent Admiration That U.S. Money Reserve Gained From The 2018 Adsphere Awards

There may already be no reason to say that coins used for buying things have no chance to become more memorable and historical. Why? Because U.S. Money Reserve is a company whose job is to distribute remarkably historical and special coin collections that commemorate special events in world history.

U.S. Money Reserve may even be made more special today because of the fact that it recently just won two Adsphere Awards.

The complete details of how and why U.S. Reserve got recognized by Adsphere Awards can be found in Business Wire. It is there that readers are reminded that the awards given to U.S. Money are under the Best of Category Awards.

The 2018 Adsphere Awards recognized U.S. Money Reserve for its remarkable way of leveraging the direct-television (DRTV) industry to spread information about its products. The specific categories that U.S. Money stood out were in the Short Form Products and Infomercials. These are the categories that may contribute to bringing in the best kind of exposure that the company would need to sustain its success.

U.S. Money Reserve

It may not be a stretch to claim here that U.S. Money Reserve has already built a name in being the world’s largest private distribution firm for foreign and U.S.-licensed legal tender products, which include but are not limited to, silver, gold, and platinum. These legal tenders increase their numismatic value, as evidenced by the professionals working for U.S. Reserve who assess their market value changes.

It may also be because of the fantastic expertise, deliberately meticulous method of assessment and dedication of the staff of U.S. Money Reserve that make the company even an outstanding firm in the industry it is in. It may also be because that U.S. Money Reserve focuses on long-term, trustworthy relations with their clients that it is right now still a leading corporation.

The Adsphere Awards

Adsphere Awards is a respected award-winning body that acknowledges the best-of-class advertisers and its campaigns in various classificatiosn and categories. These categories include lead generation, short-form products, brand-direct advertising and other infomercial campaigns. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

It is the hope of Adsphere Awards to improve the advertising campaigns of many firms, as well as build an incredibly helpful entity that helps advertisers gain better traction and reach for their ads. Adsphere is also respected because it is one of the most inclusive award-giving bodies, which includes as many as 70 honorees.